Can I cancel my registration?

Cancelling a registration

As an attendee, you may need to cancel your registration to an event at some point. This can easily be done by logging into your event, or if you are already logged in you can select to 'View Registration' from the options indicated on the screenshot below.

When viewing your registration, you can access the 'Cancel Registration' option - this can be found at the top of the navigation sidebar (found on the left of your registration page). Simply click on this option and confirm when prompted and your registration will be cancelled immediately.

Can I re-register with the same event after cancelling?

Yes - if you choose to cancel your registration or an event Admin has cancelled your registration for you, you can re-register with same event (you can even use the same email address). Even though you've had a registration cancelled, any login credentials for the event you created will still work, but you will need to complete their registration form again in full to re-register.