How do I add tracks to my event?

Registration Tracks

Tracks are custom registration paths through your event. They allow you to set custom fields, pages, pricing, and capacity for different attendee registration types.  Using tracks allow you to do things like have different registration questions for VIP, or charge different prices to Vendors.

Configuring Tracks

Tracks are configured via the left hand sidebar in the form editor. From here you can add as many tracks as you like, specifying the track's name, description, invite only status and total capacity. Additionally, if the fee calculator is enabled in event settings, you can specify a price to charge for registering for each track.

Once created, tracks can be edited, previewed, deleted and re-ordered via the tracks sidebar menu.

You can fully customise the registration experience for each track by assigning pages, sections and fields to specific tracks only.

However, if you've specified track visibility for a page, you can't override it for fields or sections on that page.

Registering for a multi-track event

If an event has tracks configured, registrants must chose their track before proceeding to the registration form.

They will then follow the registration experience that has been configured for that track.

Invite only tracks

If a track is invite only, registration is only possible with an invite issued specifically for that track.

The invitee then receives an email with a link to register directly and skip track selection.