How do I use the 'Create Event' form to create an event that's right for me?

Once you have selected to create a new event, you will be redirected to the ‘Create Event’ form. On here you will find an index of sections, which each contain fields that allow you to add your event specifications. Some of these fields are mandatory, and must be completed before you can finish creating your event:

  • Title - The name of your event that will be displayed in all areas related to it. This field is mandatory.
  • Slug - In this area you can personalise the URL given to your event microsite. It must be between 7 and 100 characters long and only contain letters numbers and hypens (-). Most importantly, do NOT change this after the event is ready to take registrations otherwise links in emails from your event will not work. This field is mandatory.
  • Represents - This allows you choose who appears as the sender on any registration emails sent to your attendees, which can be helpful when running an event for a third party. This field is optional.
  • Password Scope - Using this option, you will have the choice to decided whether your attendees will need to create a separate login to register for the new event (Per Event), or ask attendees that have created a registration with a previous event you had to register using the same credentials (Global). This setting can be altered for your event until you receive your first registration - again, this field is mandatory and set to 'Global' by default.
  • Invite Only - When this option is selected, only users with a special invitation link can view the microsite and register for your event.You can invite users to your event by entering your 'Invitations' area from the event dashboard. This field is optional.
  • Fee Calculator - This option enables you to assign monetary values to choices and options in your event registration form editor, which are collected in a 'shopping cart' for each registration. This revenue can be viewed per attendee on their registration form, or within Reports with the specific fields included.
  • Preview Mode - With this option selected, only Admin Users can see and interact with the event microsite until disabled. This field is optional.
  • Start/End Date - The beginning and end dates for your event. These fields are mandatory.
  • Registration opens/closes/freezes - This allows you set dates for when attendees are able to begin submitting registrations, when registrations are closed and when they are frozen (the ability for attendees to modify registrations is disabled). These fields are mandatory.
  • Registration messages - These are configurable to allow to create personal messages for Attendees, otherwise there are generic messages ready in place for your event. These fields are optional.
  • Event Graphics - This allows you to upload a background image for your microsite and your organization logo, both of which will be displayed on every page of the microsite. These fields are optional.
  • Event Email Graphics - This allows you to personalize emails sent from your current event. By uploading a banner image and/or organization logo, these will be displayed on all emails sent to attendees invited or registered with your current event. These fields are optional.

Once you have completed these fields and select ‘Create’, you will arrive on the Event Dashboard for your event.