What is the Event Dashboard?

The Event Dashboard is a hub for all your event administration needs, and can only be accessed by Admin and Regular Event Users. It can be accessed from within your microsite by selecting the ‘Admin’ option (found at the bottom of the page) or by clicking on an event tile in your Organization Dashboard. Using the 'Admin' option may require you to login to access your event Admin Area, but by following either of these methods you will arrive on the Event Dashboard. 

At the top of the page is a range of options - Event Dashboard, Registrations, Invitations, Checkins, Reports and Event Users. These are present for you to quickly access the most important areas of your event administration without the need to return to the Event Dashboard every time!

The main body of the page contains the following area tiles:

Event Newsfeed:

This area allows you to view all the latest activity in your event at a glance. Notifications for registration updates, invitations and changes to your event settings can be found in this index.

Invitations - 

This area allows you to create invitational emails for your event - these will allow an attendee to register directly from your invite or access your event microsite, with the ability to add a custom message for that personal touch!

Registrations -

This is the area where all your currently registered Attendees are held, you can view, edit or delete registrations within here, or create a new attendee registration if needed.

Checkins -

This area is for use during an event, and will allow you to ‘checkin’ (or out) Attendees at checkpoints that you have asked for during the creation of your event. This list of checkins is responsive to what Attendees have chosen to attend on their registration form, so you will always know exactly how many people are expected to be attending at each checkpoint.

Reports - 

This is an area where you can create your own reports based on the information you have gathered from your Attendees registration forms. These are completely customizable to your own choices, and can be downloaded in either .XLSX or .CSV formats.

Event Users - 

In here you will find a list of all Admin and Regular Event users with access to your event. You can view the users profiles within here, and edit permissions if necessary. You can also create a new event ‘User’ if you wish to.

Edit Event - 

This is fairly self-explanatory - within this area you can configure your event, such as the event Title, Slug (the URL displayed for your microsite) and set your event to ‘Preview’ mode. You can also manipulate the Start/End dates and registration opening/closing times. You can even edit the messages shown depending in what current state your event is in, giving it a more ‘personal’ feel to your Attendees. There are also options to archive the current event and add a logo and banner to your microsite.

View Event Microsite - 

This is an access point for you as a User to view the event microsite for your event if you need to. To return to the Event Dashboard from here, select the ‘Admin’ option from the bottom of the page.

Edit Event Form - 

This area allows the user to create their own registration form for their event by adding pages and fields within the editor and saving the changes for them to be reflected in the site. There is also a handy ‘Preview’ function which allows you to view the form in a separate tab as it will be displayed in the microsite.

Edit Event Microsite - 

This area allows you to build your microsite from the ground up, by adding pages and section to your microsite as required. You can add background images to your sections to make them more visually appealing, include an inline image for sections such as speaker bios for example, and also upload files to be made available as ‘downloads’ within the microsite.

Change Log - 

This area allows you to quickly view any recent amendments made to registrations in your event. Both changes made to registrations by Admin Event Users and Attendees are recorded in here to allow you to easily track any last minute changes before you reach any of your event deadlines!

What are the numbers shown on the tiles in the Event Dashboard for?

These are just indicators that give you a quick reference or count of what is inside. For example, on the ‘Registration’ tile it may say ‘Registrations | 2’. This means you have had 2 registrations successfully completed for your event.

Some of the event features mentioned here aren't displayed on my Event Dashboard - why?

Depending on the getregistered® package you have purchased, specific features may not be available to you. If you have purchased a custom event package, you will only be able to manage the event itself. The ability to edit your registration form and microsite will not be available -these options are only available to clients who have purchased our 'build your own' package.