How do I create and manage users in my events?

How do I create an Event User?

There are two user roles that can access the 'back office' of your event in getregistered® - these are Admin Event Users and Regular Event Users. Admin Event Users can access the admin areas of any events currently in your organization, and can interact with all administration features within. Regular Event Users can only access events they have been granted access to by an Admin Event User, and are limited to viewing Reports and the Event Microsite only. Both sets of users can be created by an Admin Event User, and are managed by selecting either the 'Event Users' tile on your Event Dashboard or the 'Event Users' option displayed at the top of the page - both routes will take you to the 'Event Users' area for your current event.

Once you have entered the 'Event Users' area, you will see a list of seperated into the sections 'Admin' and 'Regular' - these are all the users that can currently access your event. To create a new Event User, click the 'New Event User' option displayed at the top right of the page - you will be asked to provide the email address for the new user and then be taken to the 'New Event User' form once submitted. 

The 'New Event User' form will ask you to provide the following information, not all of which is mandatory:

  • Email - this field is mandatory and will already be pre-populated with the new user's email address
  • First/Last Name - provides you with the ability to add the First and Last names of the new user, these fields are mandatory
  • Image - this allows you to add an avatar image for the new user that will be displayed when viewed using getregistered®. This is not a mandatory field
  • Phone - provides you with the ability to add a contact number for the new user, this is not a mandatory field
  • Role - this sets the user role for the new user (Regular/Admin). Admin Event Users have access to all information and events for your organization, so please only grant this role with caution.
  • Events - allows you to set which events within your organization that the new user can access. This section only specifically applies to Regular Event Users, if you are creating an Admin Event User this section can be skipped. Please ensure you set the correct event access to the user when creating a Regular Event User.
  • Note: Passwords - The new user can choose their own password when they arrive in getregistered® via their 'welcome' email, which is sent in the next step once their account is created.

Once the new user form has been successfully submitted, they will be sent a welcome email, and you will be shown a summary of the new user's account details and permissions. To return to the 'Event Users' index, click the blue 'Users' text in the title of the user summary or the 'Event Users' text on the header of the page.

How do I edit an Event User?

There are two areas you can edit an Event User within getregistered® - from within the 'Event Users' area in an event or the 'All Users' area when viewing your 'Organization Dashboard'. Both are slightly different, as editing a Regular Event User from within the 'Event Users' area also allows you to set their 'Reports' permissions (if there are reports present within the event). This can be done by selecting the 'Edit' button displayed next to them in the Event Users area of an event.
To edit an User displayed in the 'Users' area:
  • Click on the 'Edit' option displayed to the right of the user you wish to edit.
  • Make your amendments to the user and select the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the form.
To edit a Regular Event User's Reports permissions:
  • Enter the 'Event Users' area within your event.
  • Click on the 'Edit' option displayed to the right of the Regular Event User you wish to manage.
  • On the following page, select the reports you they can access within your event and then save your selection.

How do I delete an Event User?

Event users can only be deleted from the 'All Users' area - this is accessed by going to your Organization Dashboard (click the getregistered® icon at the top left of the page) and then click the 'All Users' text on the header of the following page.

Once you have entered this area, click the 'Delete' button displayed adjacent to the user you wish to remove. You will see a pop-up window appear asking you to confirm your action, and once you select 'Yes' the user will be destroyed and will no longer be able to access the application (unless they are invited again at a later date).