How do I edit my event microsite?

By selecting the 'Edit Event Microsite' tile on the Event Dashboard, you can access the Event Microsite Editor, allowing you to tailor the microsite specifically for your organization and attendees. The editor operates in a similar fashion to the Event Form Editor - you can add content in the form of pages, sections and images, and format your text using Markdown to fit your needs.


The Event Microsite Editor allows you to Reset and Save any changes you make to your microsite - these options are available at the top of the editing area at all times. It is worth making a mental note to Save as often as possible (by clicking the 'Save' button) as there is no automatic saving in place, and if you forget to save you could easily lose your work!

Creating and Editing your Microsite

When you enter the Event Microsite Editor, you will see the following:

  • Pages (left column) - this allows you to switch between pages when editing/creating (by clicking on the page you wish to edit) and create new pages by clicking on the 'Add Page' option displayed. You can also re-order your pages by dragging and dropping them into place where required.
  • Preview area (central area) - this area displays any changes you make in the editor area (right hand column), allowing you to see your changes as you make them. To edit a specific section or page title, click on it in this area and the editing options will be displayed in the editor area to your right. You also have the ability to re-order your sections for your page in this area by dragging and dropping them into place where required. Please note that images will not display in this section when uploaded - they will be added when uploaded, but you will have to view the microsite to see them in action!
  • Add/Edit Sections / Pages (right column) - this section is the main area you will be working with. To add a page or section, click on the 'Add' button and select the option you wish to create. 

Creating and editing pages in the Event Microsite Editor

Selecting to add a new page will add one to the left hand column, ready for sections to be added to it - all that is required is a 'Title' (it will have a default name of 'New Page'). To add a Title, click on the page on the left column and then click the 'Page' option on the editor, then add your Page Title in the box provided - this method can also be used to edit the title of a page you have been working on at a later time. To arrange the order of your pages, drag the pages displayed on the left hand column into the order you wish them to be displayed and then hit 'Save'!

Creating and editing sections in the Event Microsite Editor

Selecting to add a new section will display a number of options on the editor area. These options allow you to do the following:

  • Section Title - displays a title for your section when viewed in the microsite, this field is mandatory.
  • Section Content - this allows you to add the text you want to be displayed in the section for your microsite. Text can be formatted using Markdown (you can read this article for a full breakdown of how to use this type of text formatting).
  • File Download - this allows you can to upload a document, picture, file and make it available for download from the microsite. You can give your file a title, which the attendee can click on to download the file from the section when viewed in the microsite, otherwise the actual filename will be displayed by default.
  • Background Image - this option provides you with the ability to add a 'background' image for your section. When you create multiple sections for your site, getregistered® will provide you with alternating coloured backgrounds by default... but if you  want to personalize your microsite, upload an image here and make it your own!
  • Inline Image - this is a handy feature that allows you to add small inline images such as a speakers head shot, hotel logo etc.

When editing or creating anything in the Event Microsite Editor, you will always have the option to save or reset your work by using the options provided on the top right of the page. Please remember to 'Save' on a regular basis - we do not provide any automatic saving abilities, meaning if you don't hit 'Save' then any work you have created will be lost. You also have the ability to 'Reset' your work, clicking on this will remove any changes made since the last time you saved your microsite.