What is the 'Checkins' feature and how can I use it for my event?

The 'Checkins' feature allows you to keep track of attendees 'checking in' at a registration desk or meeting room, allowing you to easily collect information such as head counts or note who hasn't managed to make it to the meeting yet. 

Creating a Checkin is easy - just enter the 'Checkins' area by clicking the Checkins tile on your Event Dashboard and then select the 'New Checkpoint' button on the top right of the page.

From here, you'll be asked to provide two pieces of information - the name you would like to give your 'Checkin' and the date/time you want it to be set for. By clicking on the 'Scheduled' field you can pick the time and date for your 'checkin' - alternatively you can enter it manually in day/month/year format (such as 25 December 2019) followed by either **:** am/pm or 24 hour format for your Checkin time (see examples in the screenshot above). Once you're happy, click 'Create Checkpoint' and it will be added to your 'Checkins' list in the main area.

At this point, your checkpoint is now ready to be used. The Checkins feature provides you with the ability to check in attendees 'live' during your event - just click on the 'View' button on your 'Checkin' and when the attendee arrives, click the 'Check In' button and they will be updated in the 'Checkins' index. You can also check them out again if required by clicking on the 'Check Out' button - any changes in here will be reflected on the listing on the 'Checkins' page for quick reference.

You can download a CSV or XLSX file of this checkpoint (which contains all expected attendees and their 'Checkin' status), which you can use to print off for your event if you prefer to check in attendees traditionally, or just keep the data for your records post-event.

You also have the ability to edit your checkpoint - this is done by clicking on the 'Edit' button displayed adjacent with your checkpoint. In here, you can amend your Checkin name and date/time as required. You can delete any checkpoints that have been created by Event Users, the Event Arrival checkpoint however cannot as it is a default checkpoint. The option to delete will be displayed with the 'View' and 'Edit' buttons next to the checkpoint you wish to remove.

Using 'Checkins' in your reports

When you are creating or editing a report and have created checkpoints for your event in the 'Checkins' area, you will find the 'Event Checkpoints' section displayed at the bottom of your report form. 

Selecting these an option in here will allow you to manually check in attendees to these checkpoints on your report - you can then use your report to manage checkins for multiple activities at once, and easily keep track of who has arrived or is yet to arrive. When an attendee is checked in or out using a report, this will also be reflected in the related checkpoint contained in the 'Checkins' area.