Can I add new attendees in my events?

As an Admin Event User, you can create registrations for attendees if required. To do this, enter your Event Dashboard and click on the 'Registrations' tile - this will take you to the Registrations area. Following this, select the option 'New Registration' from the top right of the page and you will be asked to provide the new attendee's email address.

Once you have provided the attendee's email address, you will land on the registration form for your event - simply complete the form (mandatory fields minimum), create a password for the user and submit the registration form to complete the registration for the attendee. You also have the option to send a notification to the attendee to inform them they have been registered - this can be done by selecting the checkbox above the green 'Submit' button before you click on it.

Can I resend a confirmation email to an attendee?

Once either you have registered an attendee or an attendee registers themselves via the event microsite, you will have the ability to resend the attendee their confirmation email. This is a handy tool when an attendee claims they haven't received their email or they have deleted it by accident. 

To resend a confirmation email to a registered attendee, enter the 'Registrations' area of the Event Dashboard. Next to each registered attende listed, you can find the 'Resend' button displayed - just click on this an the attendee will receive a new confirmation email straight to their inbox!