How do I add and interact with 'fields' on an event registration form?

Adding a Field

To begin adding fields to your new page, first ensure that you have the page selected by clicking on the Page name displayed on the left hand column (when selected, this will show the Page name in the center as well). Click the 'Add' button on the right again and select 'Add Field' and a new field will be displayed in the center of the page (at the top of the central area). If you have more than one field present and with to re-arrange their ordering, you can simply drag and drop the fields into the order you would like them to appear. 

A field has the following options available to be set:

  • Data Type - this sets the type of data you wish to capture in your field. This can be plain text, numbers, Yes/No, date or phone number. Choosing a specific data type will change the way the field accepts data entered by the attendee, for example 'Yes/No' provides a checkbox instead of an area to enter text.

  • Text - this area allows you to add a descriptive label to your new field, as well as some help text to assist the attendee in what they are required to submit in this particular field.

  • Properties - this allows you to set a field as 'mandatory' and set a default value for the field. You can also make the field 'Admin Visible Only', meaning it will only show when a registration is viewed by an Admin Event User - this is handy for collecting any 'back office' information required for registrations.

  • Widget - this defines the way the field appears when the attendee views the field on the registration form. This field is set to text field (single line) by default, but can also be set to text area (large box), email address or dropdown menu if required. You will also see the option for radio buttons become available if you choose to add multiple choices to your field (see further down for more information).

  • Depends On - this allows you to set the field to only appear when a specific field has been selected. For example, if you choose to add a checkbox asking if the attendee wishes to book accommodation, if the 'Depends On' option has been selected for the following accomodation field then this field will remain hidden unless the user selects the checkbox.

  • Choices - this option allows you to provide multiple choices to the attendee to choose from (such as what meetings they would like to attend etc). By adding a choice label, this will appear as a dropdown or radio button option (depending on your widget preference) on the field, and you can choose whatever you like for the stored value (meaning you can add internal codes to be captured on the registration form instead of the title of the meeting/activity). You also have the ability to add a blank value in the multiple choices - this allows you to allow the attendee to complete this field at a later date if no defaults are required.
  • Checkpoint - Creates a checkpoint for attendees who select the current field. This is only available on fields requiring a user to click on a checkbox to continue.

Editing a Field

To edit a Field, simply click on the field label text displayed on the central area of the page - this will display your editing options on the right-hand column. You can edit Fields at any time, and any changes you make can be previewed using the 'Preview' button at the top right of the area - this will display the form exactly how your attendee will see it in your event. If you wish to delete any Fields, click on the red 'Delete' button on the right hand side of the page when editing.

To revert any changes you have made while editing, click the 'Reset' option at the top of the page - this will reset your form to the state it was in the last time you saved. To save any changes, click the 'Save' option displayed in the same area!

Adding a Field to a section

When you create a new field you will notice that it has a white background. This indicates that the field is not currently part of a section - it will still be displayed in order when your attendees view your registration form, but any 'Depends Upon' behaviour added to the section above will not be applied to the current field.

To add your new field into the section, simply click on it and drag it into the section you wish to add it to. Once you have successfully added the field to the new section, it will be displayed in grey.