What is an 'info section'?

The purpose of the info section is to add any important information that requires the attendee to read before they continue with their registration - for example, this could be detailing the property providing accommodation and the rooms on offer, or a specific set of meetings or activities you wish to make the attendee aware of. 

To add an info section to your registration form, first ensure that you have the correct page selected by clicking on the Page name displayed on the left hand column (when selected, this will show the Page name in the center as well). Click the 'Add' button on the right again and select 'Add Info Section' and a new section will be displayed in the center of the page (at the top of the central area). The new info section can be dragged and dropped into the order you would like it to appear if required.

If you wish to format the text displayed in your info section, you will need to use a form of text formatting called 'Markdown'. You can view more about how to use Markdown by reading this article in our Knowledge Base.