How do I add a section to an event registration form?

Adding a section to your registration form

To add a new section to your registration form, first ensure that you have the correct page selected by clicking on the Page name displayed on the left hand column (when selected, this will show the Page name in the center as well). Click the 'Add' button on the right again and select 'Add Section' and a new section will be displayed in the center of the page (at the top of the central area). A new section added will display a 'Drag Items Here' area - this allows you to easily see when a section currently has no fields added to it.

When a field has been added to a section by dragging it into the area provided, the field will be displayed with a grey background (as indicated in the screenshot below).

You can add as many fields as you want to a section - the choice is yours!

Editing and ordering sections

When you click on the title of a section within the main area of the Form editor or create a brand new section, you will see the editable options displayed on the right hand-side of the Form editor area (as demonstrated in the screenshot above).

A section has the following options available to be set:

  • Section Title - this is the title that will be displayed on the registration form when viewed by an attendee
  • Depends On - this allows you to set the entire to only appear when specific field has been selected. This allows attendees not  having specific requirements to complete their registration without having to go through the entire form.

Sections can also be re-ordered on your registration form by dragging and dropping them around the central 'preview' area displayed in the editor.

By clicking on the title of a section, you can 'collapse' it, which means that all fields contained in the current section are hidden from view in the editor. When collapsed, two arrows will be displayed next to the section title - in this state, you can easily drag and drop entire sections around your current page and into the order you wish for them to be displayed. This makes it a lot easier to order your registration form when you are contending with multiple sections that contain many fields!