What is an event microsite?

An event microsite is the front-end for your event registration - it is an area designed to be informative and to help guide attendees through the registration process.

As an attendee, you could see advertising for the event, information about the venue, location and directions, the event agenda, and any other information deemed pertinent to the event itself. This will depend on what information the event microsite creator decides is required for the event attendees. They can also switch between multiple pages (if more than one page is present on the microsite) by clicking on the page title on the microsite header.

There will also be a section titled ‘Start Registration’. From here attendees can begin their registration, as soon as the event is open to take registrations (this is set by the Admin Users). When an event is open for registration, you can begin registering by entering your email address in the box provided and then selecting the ‘Start Registration’ button.

If the attendee has previously created a registration for the event, or has previously created a registration for a 'global' event, they can log in to retrieve their registration details using the 'Already Registered?' options available below the form and on the microsite header.

Note - There will be a closing date for registrations shown above the ‘Start Registration’ button. All registrations must be submitted via the event microsite by this date, as the option to register will be removed after the date displayed here!