How do I create multiple pages for an event microsite?

When interacting with the Event Microsite Editor, select the option to 'Add', followed by 'Add Page'. This will add a new page to the left hand column, ready for sections to be added to it - all that is required is a 'Title' (it will have a default name of 'New Page'). 

To add a Title, click on the page on the left column and then click the 'Page' option on the editor, then add your Page Title in the box provided - this method can also be used to edit the title of a page you have been working on at a later time. To arrange the order of your pages, drag the pages displayed on the left hand column into the order you wish them to be displayed and then hit 'Save'!

There is no limit to how many pages you add to your microsite, but there must be at least 1 present for the microsite to function!