How do I register for an event I have been invited to?

First of all, ensure that you have a valid email address - this will be your point of contact between getregistered® and yourself, and you will also need this to login if you wish to update your registration form at a later date. To begin your registration, click on the green 'Start Registration' text displayed at the top of the event microsite.

Enter your email address into the box provided above the ‘Start Registration’ button, and select the button once completed - simple as that! You will then be taken to the registration form for the event - this is where you will be providing all the relevant information required for the event.

In this area, you will see a long form in the main body of the page, and a navigation sidebar on the left.

Using the navigation sidebar, you can quickly skip to various sections of the form without having to laboriously scroll through every section to get to where you want. These options can be found under the text 'Registration Menu'. To begin, simply start entering the required information into the boxes provided, or select the options that are available in the drop-down list, and continue to do so until the form is completed. 

At the end of the form you will be asked to provide a password - please ensure this is a memorable password, as this along with your email address will be needed to access your personal registration form if you need to at a later date! To complete your registration, select the ‘Register Now’ button, and you will be shown a flash message to indicate your registration was successful.