What do I need to use getregistered®?

Do I need additional software to run getregistered®?

getregistered® is a web-based application, which means as long as you have access to the internet then you are all set. It is accessible via PC, Mac, or smart device as long as you have an internet connection.

We use responsive design when we set-up our applications which means that the one main web site “responds” to the device it’s being viewed on and repositions the information, looks great and is fully functional.

What browsers are supported by getregistered®?

getregistered® has been tested and is fully compatible to run on the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer (11.0 and above)
  • Google Chrome (OSX/Windows/Android/iOS)
  • Safari (iOS/OSX)
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Android (Stock Browser)

  • IMPORTANT! Versions of Internet Explorer below 11.0 are not supported, and will not work with getregistered®!