What are the limits in regards to attendees and their registration information?

getregistered® can be utilized for groups and events of any size, so there are currently no limits in place within the application.

Once an attendee has registered, you can view and share that information how you wish. You have the ability to create any Reports that you need - these could be a rooming list, a list of emergency contacts, dietary requirements or people’s activity selections. The list is endless and fully customizable by you. You can invite users (hotel, client, etc) - who will have limited access - to securely view these reports in realtime and export to .xlsx or .csv formats if required.

Is it cost prohibitive to use getregistered®?

No. getregistered® has various pricing levels which range from a single fully custom built microsite and registration site to a six-month or per-year license to utilize the build-your-own for unlimited events (unlimited registrations). 

A la carte pricing is (or will be) available for various features (payment gateway, tracks etc.) The cost of each of these on average translate into a minimal cost per attendee.

Can I store documents within getregistered®?

You can make some documentation (for example an event agenda) available for attendees to access and download where applicable within a microsite, but there is no specific storage area where general users can upload documentation.