Logging out of getregistered®

As an attendee:

The ability to logout of your registration form allows you to register another attendee or guest using the same browser. If you do not logout, the registration fields required to create a new registration are not available.

To logout of your form, you can either select your username from the header and choose ‘Logout’, access the ‘View Registration’ section and select ‘Logout and register another attendee or guest’, or simply select ‘Logout’ in the sidebar when you are viewing the registration form.

As an Event User:

As either an Admin or Regular user, to access you the 'Logout' option hover the cursor over your username and avatar at the top right of the page to open your 'Settings' menu.

Within ‘Settings’, you have 2 options - ‘My Account’ and ‘Logout’. By clicking on ‘Logout’, you can end your session with getregistered®.