What does the Password Scope feature do?

When creating your new event, you will find the 'Password Scope' field on the new event form. This feature allows you to set how your attendees will be able to login and register for your event. The options available are as follows:

  • Per Event: By selecting this option, your attendees will create a separate login to register for the new event you have set-up (for any repeat attendees, no more trying to remember what password they used on their last event - each event with this designation is considered a stand-alone)
  • Global: By selecting this option, you are choosing to ask attendees that have created a registration with a previous event you had to register using the same credentials. These will be the password and email address they used for when registering for previous events within your organization.

    Important note: Once your event has received its first registration, you will be unable to change the password scope settings for the event.