What is the Event Newsfeed?

The Event Newsfeed allows you to easily keep up-to-date on all activity happening in your event. By clicking on the 'Event Newsfeed' tile displayed on your Event Dashboard (as shown in the image above), you can view a list of notifications related to updates to your event settings, registrations and invitations.

When you enter your 'Event Newsfeed', you will see your notifications ordered by newest first, and handily colour-coded to indicate what they are related to. You will receive notifications for:

  • When a registration has been created for your event
  • When a registration has been updated in your event
  • When an individual registration has been sent
  • When multiple invitations have been sent
  • When a new event has been created
  • When your event settings have been updated

The example shown above should give you an idea of how your notifications will appear. As mentioned previously, the colour displayed to the left of the notification indicates the type of notification (red = registration notification, blue = event notification, green = invitation notification). You will also see an icon to the right of this, again providing you an indication of the type of notification at a quick glance.

The text at the top of the notification (in this example 'View Registration') is a link that allows you to see the activity for yourself - by clicking the link shown in the example, you would be taken to the registration form for the attendee. Bellow this you will see information on the activity that has happened, who it relates to (if relevant to the activity type) and the person who did it. 

The final part of the notification details the time passed since the activity happened, followed by the date and time stamp that the activity occurred.