Can I import and register a list of attendees?

When you enter the 'Registrations' area within your event, you will see the option 'Import Registrations' displayed next to the 'New Registration' option. By selecting to enter this area, you will now have the ability to upload a CSV of attendees and be able to register them 'en-masse'.

How do I import attendees and register them? 

First thing you need to do is download the CSV Registration Template for your event by clicking on the text 'Download CSV Template' text displayed in bold in the main section of text on the page. These templates are specific to each event, so only use the template provided in the current event for creating registrations for it. 

Once downloaded, open the CSV and begin entering your attendees information, beginning on the row saying 'Start adding registrations from this row'. Add your attendee information to this row in each column as defined in the rows above - the first row tells you the registration field, the second row tells you what information you should enter (and format if required) and the third row tells you if the field is 'required' (mandatory). 

Please do not enter any characters or text into any of the rows or headers above the 'Start adding registrations from this row' row or your attendee registrations will not be able to be imported.

Once you have added all registration information for your first attendee, you can continue to add more by creating a new row below the 'Start adding registrations from this row' row and adding your next attendee's information in the same fashion. You can add as many or as few attendees as you wish, but all 'required' fields must be completed for each attendee, and the email address for each attendee must not match an attendee already registered for your event.

Once you are ready to upload your registrations CSV, return to your browser and click on the 'Choose File' option on the 'Upload CSV File' section. This will allow you to select the CSV file you wish to upload from your current device - please ensure that you have selected the correct CSV file that is applicable to the current event! The final option here is the ability to 'Email invitations to attendees' - if you choose to select this, when you upload your CSV, all attendees successfully imported will receive an email inviting them to view the microsite and manage their registration if they wish - the choice is yours.

Finally, when you are ready to upload your registrations CSV, click the 'Import CSV' button. Your attendees will be imported and registered automatically, and you will be returned to the 'Registrations' area. New attendees added via the 'Import Registrations' area will show as 'Pending' on the 'Activation Pending' column of the  'Registrations' index until they choose to enter your event microsite and attempt to view/manage their registration. They will be required to create a password to access their registration, and once they have done this the 'Pending' state will be removed.